Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Simply obsessed with being inspired

I think I'm a little late on my recent discovery, Pinterest, but better late than never.  And what I missed in time, I certainly have made up for in collected imagery/inspiration.
It started about two weeks ago when I realized I was dying for a project.  I stumbled across Pinterest and began collecting loads of inspiring how-tos and DIYs. 
However... I'm on a tight budget.  While I would love to start a new, long-term, get-messy project... I can't really justify spending $40something (let's admit, it's never under forty is it?) on self-indulging projects. 
Any ideas for re-purposing things found around the home?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Try harder

Try harder, as in... I should. 
I recently posted a new blog post (about a week ago) and was quite proud of myself, thinking "yes! I'll get back into this!" and then promptly realized I had posted it to an old defunct blog (truth be told - I think I have 6 blogs under my belt, none of which are "current").

So, after my dear friend and co-worker announced that he was going to be updating his blog more often, I thought "Yeah! Yeah, me too!"  I mean... copying someone is the deepest form of flattery... or something... right?