Thursday, December 30, 2010

The next project is in the works...

Immediately after finishing the "My shoes are flesh" pillow sham for Kyle, I came up with my next project.
Behold, a soon-to-be-cross-stitched work of freakish amazingness:
Thoughts? Suggestions?
Elan requested that the next one say "Happiness is a warm bun" with a cheeseburger.  Personally, I want to do something with bacon on it.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

He likes it!

Because I wasn't able to be at the official unveiling of my present to Kyle, a video was taken of his response to the gift.

Here's Kyle, unwrapping his brand spankin new cross-stitched pillow.

I am so proud!


Oh! Oh yeah!!!

And I just updated my website. Still unsure of the actual purpose of having a website, and a blog, and a shop... so much social media!
Anyway, check it out. Let me know what you think.
Need more content? Less content? More pretty pictures?

Well, I just so happen to like being Old School

Occasionally I get "teased" at the office for my penchant for old-lady items.  Like my sweet-ass grandma sunglasses (purchased from the sweet-ass grandma herself... not mine, but I'm sure she's someone else's, right?). Or that really cool wool cardigan/coat/thing that turned out not to be grandma-y but Austrian all along.

(Actual grandmother and actual glasses not actually shown)

However, I am delighted to inform you of my latest and greatest passion.... Cross Stitching!
Yes, the needle, the embroidery thread, the "Bless this home" jazz. I'm totally channeling your grandmother in the early 80s. When I informed my boyfriend of this fantastic new creative outlet for me to explore, he commented "Um, isn't that kind of something that old people do when they can't do anything else?"

Hell no, I say.  Hell no.

Check out my first success! A gift, of course. Can't keep this kind of genius to oneself, now can we?

Friday, December 24, 2010

...Back on track?

Yes, I have apparently stopped writing in my quote-unquote blog. But wait, what's this? Some sort of Winter Holiday Miracle sent from the shiny feathery things in the sky? Let's just say yes, and not spend any more time thinking about it.  

In the mean time, I have actually been quite productive. Look at all these pretty pretty necklaces! All sparkly and shiny and old/new! 

I quite like them, if I may say so myself. You may say so too, if you choose.

And while I won't promise to write to you all nightly, like the diary I had in fifth grade, I will promise to write stuff. You know, like, when it occurs to me that I've done something worth writing about.

(PS - I have new things in the shop! Yay! OMG! Wowzeroni)