Sunday, December 26, 2010

Well, I just so happen to like being Old School

Occasionally I get "teased" at the office for my penchant for old-lady items.  Like my sweet-ass grandma sunglasses (purchased from the sweet-ass grandma herself... not mine, but I'm sure she's someone else's, right?). Or that really cool wool cardigan/coat/thing that turned out not to be grandma-y but Austrian all along.

(Actual grandmother and actual glasses not actually shown)

However, I am delighted to inform you of my latest and greatest passion.... Cross Stitching!
Yes, the needle, the embroidery thread, the "Bless this home" jazz. I'm totally channeling your grandmother in the early 80s. When I informed my boyfriend of this fantastic new creative outlet for me to explore, he commented "Um, isn't that kind of something that old people do when they can't do anything else?"

Hell no, I say.  Hell no.

Check out my first success! A gift, of course. Can't keep this kind of genius to oneself, now can we?


  1. Hee! That pillow is great! the cat looks good & the statement is indeed fact^-^
    If this pillow is to be the first of many, I say embrace that cross stitching, with needle in hand and head up high:D

  2. My only complaint is sticking myself with the needle!