Saturday, July 24, 2010

If only I was super wealthy...

Stuff I want (that I can't make):

this pretty house.

Any one of these gorgeous wallets.
Despite the fact that I no longer wear backpacks, this "rucksack" is pretty rockin'.

And this lovely floral bracelet (although I'm totally wishing it was a ring).

Permanent decisions...

After having a good third of my favorite mole lopped off for "testing," I realized with a rather large amount of embarrassment about how much I like that freakishly large freckle.  If it was gone (due to some not-so-awesome melanoma-thing), I would feel completely lopsided.  

So that's when I started thinking to myself, my little lovely friendersons. "Perhaps," I thought, "it is time to acquire another inky bit of artwork on my body.  (Yes, Mom, I can hear you groaning from here)  I'd like something on the back of my shoulder.  Sort of planty... fern-ish... floral.  Yup.

There's my inspiration.  Not sure how I feel about color.  Feel free to um... send me some motivational words to push me closer to the dude with the needle.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Holy Poodle Poop! Animals in clothes!

Hold your freakin' horses, Batman! Do you see that ewe over there? Dressed in plaid?
Well I do. Here.
And let me tell you, there isn't much in the world that I love more than animals in human clothing. It's sooooo gooooood!

Please note: I recognize that this is not a ewe, as I had forementioned. I chose the image after. And upon searching for ewes dressed in plaid, I came up empty handed.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

First try - feedback?

I had this whole conversation with a cashier while buying a bottle of wine yesterday.  She liked my tattoo, and we started talking about feathers and jewelry making and all sorts of fantastic things like that.  She mentioned that she makes feather headbands, and I thought to myself "Hey you! You should try that! Don't you have bags of feathers to use?"
And then I told myself "yeah, yeah i do."
So I took that bottle of wine, which I refer to as Creepy Baby Wine (as it has a picture of a creepy baby on the label) and went outside with my supplies.  My end result was this:
A good first try, I think.  Perhaps it needs more feathers?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's coming down!

Ahhh, for once I am thankful for rainy weather.  The past week has been unbearably hot, I think some people may even call it "sweltering." Although it is Saturday, and thus one of the few days I get to enjoy the great outdoors, I am thrilled to see it pouring outside.

Maybe now I won't have to water my garden!

This kind of weather reminds me of when I was young and tried to see if the wind could carry me away. I'd grab an umbrella and hook myself up to the deck with a dog leash (so I wouldn't fly too far away) and then jump when I big gust came.

I suppose that it comes as no surprise that I never got very far.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Etsy Says: Track it, baby!

I applied to the Providence Open Markets for three slots in early Autumn.  While before I was secretly hoping I wouldn't get accepted, I'm now hoping that I will, just to move all these necklaces, rings, and earrings off my studio table! It seems, however, that they don't check their email as often as I would like. Bummer, POM, bummer.
So, if anyone sees any opportunities for jewelry vendors in the future let me know!
In other news, I have once again started opening Etsy's emails.  As boring or overly-ambitious as many of them may be, I gave one of their more recent suggestions a shot.
Google Analytics.
Yup, that means I can sort of, somewhat, somehow, maybe be able to see how many people view my site.
I know, I know, it's nothing super groundbreaking. But I'll give it a go. I mean, if Etsy says...

Saturday, July 3, 2010

New prices and shiny rings for fingers!

I've updated my Etsy shop with two new rings (made from upcycled vintage pieces)! Let me know what you think of them. Honest friends are good friends!
I've also lowered my prices. We're still in a recession, right?
Check it all out here!