Saturday, July 24, 2010

Permanent decisions...

After having a good third of my favorite mole lopped off for "testing," I realized with a rather large amount of embarrassment about how much I like that freakishly large freckle.  If it was gone (due to some not-so-awesome melanoma-thing), I would feel completely lopsided.  

So that's when I started thinking to myself, my little lovely friendersons. "Perhaps," I thought, "it is time to acquire another inky bit of artwork on my body.  (Yes, Mom, I can hear you groaning from here)  I'd like something on the back of my shoulder.  Sort of planty... fern-ish... floral.  Yup.

There's my inspiration.  Not sure how I feel about color.  Feel free to um... send me some motivational words to push me closer to the dude with the needle.

1 comment:

  1. wow, i don't think i've ever seen tatts like the pics you posted. they're really, really beautiful!

    and thanks for your comment. :D it motivates me to post even more!