Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The key to a good brand is to be thorough and thoughtful.  Carrying a consistent identity throughout the process (from introduction, purchase, all the way to receipt) is hugely important.  I certainly lay no claims that I have mastered this art... In fact, today's post comes from my own research.
In short, I need to work on my packaging. While Lovely Package doesn't have an abundance of (or really, any) jewelry package examples, they do show how graphics and thought can differentiate your brand from everyone else's.
Here's a few I'm digging...

Created to act as a reminder of those less fortunate at Christmastime.
Designed by Dorothy
Artel Artyomovyh graphic design bureau designed a set of coasters “Made in Ukraine” for Chiga-biga™ designer gifts on-line store. The package and coasters are decorated with traditional ukrainian ornaments.
Designed by Artel Artyomovyh 

A line of animal food
Designed by Sara Strand

Biodegradable dog poop bags!
Design by Nate Williams

Tough to compete with...
Well, wish me luck!

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