Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mission failed.. for now.

Well, it looks like I won't be selling my pieces at any of the Providence Open Markets this summer! But, as they say, que sera sera... right?
And I made a (feeble) attempt at contacting a real live shop person about putting my work in there. Not so much luck. As my boss occasionally tells me, I need to grow some cojones.
Life is just a work in progress, right?


  1. whoa...that was weird. when i visited your blog, i got a warning that i was visiting a site with potential malware! hmmm!

    in any case, thanks for your comment! glad ya liked the art. i found it truly inspiring. :)

    also, i'm really sorry you won't be selling your pieces at POM. i don't know about growing cojones (sounds painful), but i know persistence is key. i can't relate in terms of art pieces, but i can relate in terms of publishing. grishma got rejected many times over before someone finally decided to take a risk on him. and the risk paid off HUGELY. he would've never been published if he'd given up early. his persistence took him to the top. i sound like a cheesey motivation poster, but it's true - you have talent, and if you just persist, you'll get what ya want! as koreans would say, "hwaiting!" it means "fighting!" :)

  2. um, i meant grisham, not grishma. i dunno who grishma is... (O_O)