Sunday, January 2, 2011

Part One: Fail.

Damn. I tried to take a little short cut on my cross-stitch pattern by using an iron-on transfer and it ended miserably.  I apparently overestimated the quality of iron-on transfer paper.

This looks like poop.


 Well... Okay.  Maybe I can make some sort of lemonade out of this... So, I stick it in this nifty new frame thing that I got. Handy dandy, right? Yep.

The boyfriend convinces me to try cross stitching with the pattern on the back. Right, I'll give it a go!

WORST IDEA EVER.  It took me probably twenty minutes to get two rows done. After giving up on that, I traced the areas all paint-by-numbery for me to fill in later.   And, I think that I'm ditching the text "Happiness is a warm gun" altogether.

Should I just start over?

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