Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's easy to be green.

July is almost here and I'm definitely feeling the heat. With only one window box AC I've discovered that my dog has the right idea: sleep in the basement.
But at least the sunlight has a nice impact on some things! I took some photographs for those of you who can't swing by and see the deliciousness in person.

While I have yet to use the cilantro, I have fallen in love with having mint on hand to make some delicious mojitos.

Can you believe this pepper? It's huge! I mean, it's not really huge. but I've never grown peppers before so this is pretty exciting.

I have two varieties of tomatoes growing; Roma and Cherry. I just ate my first homegrown cherry tomato today, delicious.

This photo might not show it, but my snap peas are out of control. Seriously off the hook.  Too bad Elan won't eat them!

The really nice effect of having all this growing is that I am suddenly inspired to cook with my homegrown food.  I just made my first batch of hand-made (no machine) basil and garlic linguine.

Maybe now I can get chickens?

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