Monday, April 5, 2010

Buy yourself a staple gun

You may have heard (or experienced) the overwhelming flooding of RI last week.  It was, and still is, pretty bad.  Thankfully, my house made it through! The garage? Not so lucky. 
Well, whatever. Who needs a garage anyway?
Saturday, Elan and I headed up to MA to check out a craigslist find.  We bought these crazy retro patio chairs, and then scored some ridiculously low priced outdoor fabric at Jo-Ann fabrics (who, as an entire store, was incredibly un-helpful).  

Refurnishing the four chairs (a favorite past-time of mine) was all fun and games until I stapled through my leg.
And in lieu of the gorgeous weather we've been having, I finally brought my seedlings outdoors.

Anyone got a good design for a raised bed?

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