Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Etsy Says: Take better photos

Well hello, friendly friends!  
You may remember last week's Etsy Says, where I failed miserably at all but 1 of the ideas. And, in case you have been holding your breath since then... No, I haven't had any success joining an Etsy team.  So, I guess I actually failed at ALL of the ideas. Let's see what I can do with this week's suggestions!
So, Etsy has sent me three tips for "Quick and Easy Photos."

The first thing you learn is that you do not need a trillion dollar camera to take good pictures. Great! Because I didn't want to go and buy another camera... cause I don't have the money.
Then, we learn about lighting. Natural is the way to go! Some of the photos I took for my Etsy shop were at night, and you can definitely see the difference. They're really grainy... 


Alright, point taken. I will re-shoot those later. You know... when there's daylight!

2.  Photo tips!  
These were pretty interesting, and reminded me that I need to take a little bit more care with my photos. I just get all anxious and want to shoot, so I don't care too much about whether the light is going down... That, and better composition.   Okay, I'll wrap that up with the one above.

Yep.  See above.

Okay. So I have learned that I need to re-shoot and take more care with composition and light. Great! So umm... I can't really do that right now. But if anyone has good thoughts on what would be appropriate to shoot my jewelry on... let me know!

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