Monday, April 26, 2010

Open Market, Inspiration, Astonishing Heir

Hello my friendly mcfriendersons!
I'm sitting here on my couch, having not five minutes ago eaten an entire container of blackberries, watching the surprisingly interesting flick Helvetica.  Not being one to sit still for more than four minutes, I thought I would take this moment to do a bit of multitasking...
I spent a good amount of time last week creating more of my upcycled earrings.  I'm running a bit low on findings, but that doesn't concern me.  I'm in the process of discovering what Ebay can offer in the direction of interesting jewelry supplies.
(Oh, a word of warning... All images from today's post are taken on the not-so-fancy iPhone camera. Ironic, since my last chat was all about the importance of photography)

I spent 85% of my Saturday shoveling and raking 13 yards of topsoil across the giant hole in my lawn. The other 15%, excitingly, was spent at the local antique store's rare sale. I scored a lot of new materials to play with, lots of rockin vintage rhinestone items.
I've found a happy new direction to head in... I'm all into pins right now. Think military awards of honor meets feminine jewelry meets funky found items.  Mmmmm delicious, right? 

I'm looking forward to some of my latest Ebay purchases to arrive, which will allow me to really bring my ideas of these items into fruition.  Feathers, tiny guns, leaves... rough and frilly at the same time. 
I know what you're thinking though.. "that's all well and nice, but what about the whole Providence Open Market dealy?"  Well... I haven't heard back, which I'm going to consider a blessing in disguise.  $85/day is a bit much for my measly budget, and as I mentioned before... I really don't feel like waking up that early.  But my "being okay-ness" is a new thing.  As of last Wednesday, I was dying to get accepted.  
Then, Thursday happened.
(ooo... what happened on Thursday?)
I was trying out the new spring menu of the all-amazing Farmstead with some friends downtown when we walked by Heir.  Haven't heard of Heir? You must not live in Rhode Island. Or read any of the really popular design blogs. This place makes my heart beat faster and my wallet try to escape my pocket.  Tyler Doran, a man with an eye for uniquely delicious patina'd items and a fantastic talent for interior design, mentioned that he may, just maybe, might, sort of... have a little space for my work in his store.
Yes, I am pee-my-pants excited.
So, I guess we can all look forward to more items coming fresh out of the studio.  
And seriously. Seriously. Go to Heir. If I haven't brought you there yet, just go. It's to die for.

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